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35Pcs Sanding Discs Set
35Pcs Sanding Discs Set
35Pcs Sanding Discs Set
35Pcs Sanding Discs Set
35Pcs Sanding Discs Set
35Pcs Sanding Discs Set
35Pcs Sanding Discs Set

35Pcs Sanding Discs Set

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NEW Black Sanding Discs

√ Self Sharpening and Longer Using

Elastic resin attaches grinding particle to tiny fiber mesh, sanding discs provide even cutting force. New grinding layer appears when upper layer is depleted, the Thick Mesh Structure ensures a longer using life.

Coarse silicon carbide is hard and brittle, irregular fracture and collapse broken happens when grinding, keep producing new edges and corners to keep sharp, so it works for longer when compared to common sanding discs.

Superior SiC Sanding Discs

 Adaptable Structure

Special fiber and abrasive particles SiC establish an open-mesh 3D structure, this surface conditioning disc is suitable for different shapes of various objects, works well even on rugged surface.

Besides, mesh structure benefits heat dissipation and lengthening using life. Perfect for detail work on tighter contoured areas and it provides sufficient coverage area to handle larger surface, it plays well on almost all surface.

Aluminium Oxide Discs

 Strong Sanding Discs

Combine quality aluminium oxide sandpaper and strong R-lock shank base, quick change discs, provide consistent conditioning results. In some simply situation, takes the place of orbit sander and hand sanding.


Gets a quick satisfactory result, suitable for grinding, deburring, welds/corrosion/paints/oxidation layer removal, cleaning welds, wood, metal, fiberglass, prep condition all types of surfaces.

 Much Safer

Black sanding discs with cellular structure prevents sanding dust from flying, no spark, no vestige, low noise. Ideal for thin metal, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, tinted metal, plastic, fiber products, ceramics, stone, solid wood furniture, concrete surface.


A widely used surface conditioning disc, fits various surface conditioning and preconditioning, oil paint removal, rust removal, glue or adhesive removal, self-sharpening, sanding, cleaning, grinding, stripping, deburring, polishing, finishing,etc.

 Less Damage to Surface

In high-speed sanding, because of elastic resin, grinding particle removes target coating, while tiny fiber polishes the scratch, leaving a glossy surface, reducing damage to target surface. A perfect rust coating paint removal disc.

Package Includes

1x 1/4'' shank holder 4x Black Sanding Disc 15x SiC Sanding Disc (5x Coarse/Brown, 5x Medium/Red, 5x Fine/Green) 15x Aluminium Oxide Sanding Disc (5x 60Grit, 5x 80Grit, 5x 120Grit



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